Hordes of the Underdark

The road to Palemia

Horses, Merchants & encounters - a tense few miles

Sadly Dench and TBC: PERRIMAN were unable to continue with the party today as there parents did not allow them to stay back after school they had other commitments but all is well and the party exercised ‘Pirates code’.

upon mounting horses at the town of Brest, the group set upon the long road to Pelemia, but suddenly just past the Kynes Grove crossing, the horses would go on no more. As the party dismounted the horses ran back toward Brest. And just as the horses ran away a group of bandits jumped out of the forest and attacked the passing adventurers!

After a hard fought battle the party emerged victorious with no causalities with the addition of 75 gold and some new items! Check the Items wiki page for more info.

But this was not the last of their encounters – they met a friendly merchant who was not doing business but rather seeking out his wife – as well as a close encounter with a group of bears (TBC: LOGAN’s clutch speak to animals helped us out)


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